The ultimate goal of Top Notch Controllers is to consistently deliver the highest quality controllers possible for competitive Melee players. All of our services and items are thoroughly tested and carefully crafted with the highest attention to detail.

Top Notch Controllers was built from the ground up by the Founder and CEO Noah “n3z” Valdez. He learned all of his skills through practice, learning from others, and countless hours of grinding. Although he started learning how to mod controllers earlier, he began doing controller booths at Pat’s House 7 in December 2017, and has been at almost every major tournament since as the premiere controller craftsman.


Through his dedication and hard work, Top Notch Controllers has created controllers for the majority of the world’s top-level Melee professionals.

In June 2018, n3z brought on Jonah “Goomy” Eskin as a business partner and assistant to help in the running of Top Notch Controllers.


Goomy now assists n3z in day-to-day tasks and at tournament booths at large tournaments.


All mods and services are highly quality controlled. Our goal is to achieve as close to perfection as possible. The end-user’s satisfaction is the most important aspect of the business, and as such, we never stop until the end-user is satisfied.


We plan to grow Top Notch Controllers to help more players, give them more access to Top Notch products and services, and act as a hub for knowledge and expertise for GameCube controllers in the Melee community

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