The Crew




Jeffery “BillyBoPeep” Palmer

15 y/o

Hobbies: Video Games, OSU, Graphic production & drawing

Position: Graphic Designer and Player

I am a passion inclined person, if I can find something I truly enjoy I am willing to pour my everything into it. I love social interaction and hanging out with fam/homies is always my priority. Melee wise I love precision and neutral outplays it fuel my flame to keep improving. I think Top Notch Controllers is pushing not only the controller meta but the melee community as a whole, being able to always have a good controller thanks to n3z is very healthy for the game! N3z started needing graphics for his booths at majors and since I was already doing graphics design at the time he hit me up. Since, he started expanding his brand the demand became higher and eventually he asked me I wanted to get sponsored.



Devon “ChefQ” M.

22 y/o

Hobbie: Music, Cooking, Video Games

Position: Oversee communications and internal decisions. Test controllers. Be hella cute.

Top Notch Controllers started out as a pipedream; just a couple of dudes gutting controllers for the sake of shield drop notches. Fast forward to today, we’ve created controllers for many ‘Top 100 MIOM’ ranked players in the WORLD. I can confidently say that Top Notch Controllers has the BEST quality controllers in the game, as that is our main focus. Started after EVO 2013. Always been a fan of Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter 3rd Strike/4. Melee is the perfect pace for fighting games. Faster gameplay means more mixup options since the window for reaction time gets smaller the faster the game gets. OOO BABY.



Jonah “Goomy” Eskin

23 y/o

Hobbies: Labbing Samus tech, watching YouTube videos, electronics/engineering projects, learning

Position: Operations Executive

Goomy is the Operations Executive title holder at Top Notch. He has an extensive array of technical knowledge of the game, and extremely competent in anything electrical. He works as n3z’s assistant and helps run tournament booths and day-to-day operations. His technical knowledge and logical standpoint make him a huge asset to n3z and Top Notch Controllers.




“Widlar” Van Phan

25 y/o

Hobbies: Breakdancing, Gaming

Position: Import/export

Ive always been ambitious and the ultimate dream chaser in everything i do



Noah “n3zModGod” Valdez

20 y/o

Hobbies: Melee, GameCube Controllers, Streaming, Meeting new people, Boxing

Position: N3z is the founder and CEO of TNC. He carries out all orders, and is the most valuable asset to TNC. He is knows for his amazing of technically proficient controllers, and precise notches. When you think of quality of controllers in Melee, only 3 names can come to mind: Kadano, Typo, and n3z.

I’ve always wanted to help people, and make people happy, this is just one of the things I can do. I love learning and experimenting, Im an extremely hands on type of person. I have extreme ambitions, and I have this uncontrollable fire to keep going. I love what I do.