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Devon “ChefQ” M.

22 y/o

Hobbie: Music, Cooking, Video Games

Position: Oversee communications and internal decisions. Test controllers. Be hella cute.

Top Notch Controllers started out as a pipedream; just a couple of dudes gutting controllers for the sake of shield drop notches. Fast forward to today, we’ve created controllers for many ‘Top 100 MIOM’ ranked players in the WORLD. I can confidently say that Top Notch Controllers has the BEST quality controllers in the game, as that is our main focus. Started after EVO 2013. Always been a fan of Marvel vs. Capcom and Street Fighter 3rd Strike/4. Melee is the perfect pace for fighting games. Faster gameplay means more mixup options since the window for reaction time gets smaller the faster the game gets. OOO BABY.